Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer

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The Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery is proud to announce that it will now offer breast enlargement using fat transfer instead of breast implants to its Denver and Colorado patients. This is part of our commitment to offer the best, most advanced treatment options to all our patients, and makes Dr. Broadway one of a select few doctors to offer this groundbreaking procedure.

The Promise of Fat Transfer

Women with small breasts have long lamented that when they put on weight it went to their stomachs or thighs but not to their breasts. Fat transfer allows just that: fat is removed from places it is not wanted and injected into the breasts to improve their size and shape. Fat transfer has long been used for buttock augmentation, and it has been studied for use in breast enlargement since the 1980s, but it has only recently received a positive recommendation from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' (ASPS) task force on fat grafting.

Once the fat transfer procedure is completed, a woman has larger breasts that are completely her own tissue. There is no concern about introducing foreign material to the body, implant rupture, or the removal and replacement of an implant. Once it takes, the transferred fat represents a permanent enlargement of a woman's breast, although it is subject to aging and other factors, just like the rest of the fat in your breast.

The Fat Transfer Procedure

Once a suitable donor area is located, liposuction is used to remove fat. The fat is separated from other tissues, then it is injected into the breasts. It is not injected in a single, large amount, but in many small injections. This allows for very precise reshaping of the breast, unlike breast implants, which can add significant volume to the breasts and provide some reshaping of the breasts as a whole, but cannot address localized deformities.

Limitations of the Fat Transfer Procedure

Not all transferred fat survives. Typically, fat transfer requires 1-3 treatments to achieve maximum effect. In the period between the first treatment and the last treatment, a woman may experience dimpling of the breast as a result of the death of some transferred fat.

In addition, women may not be able to receive the same volume increase from fat transfer that they would see using breast implants. Women may easily achieve up to a bra cup size increase, but more than that may require breast implants.

Choose the Right Doctor

Results from all fat transfer procedures are highly dependent on the physician's technique. Every aspect of the procedure, from harvesting and separation to injection technique, is affected by a doctor's technique. For this reason, great care must be taking in selecting your fat transfer breast enlargement surgeon.

Denver plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway has long been performing fat transfer for other procedures. His technique is well-developed and results in a high survival rate for transferred fat and great results. In addition, he has performed breast enlargement using fat transfer for many of his international patients, which has allowed him to gauge the most successful techniques.

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To learn more about this exciting new technique for breast enlargement, schedule a fat transfer consultation with Dr. Broadway today.

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